Duarte Veteran Appreciation Fund

In appreciation to all the war veterans living in Duarte. We apologize for the years of suffering to our war veterans with post traumatic stress. Know that a great number of citizens do appreciate what you have given for our country. We are truly sorry you are robbed of your Fourth of July holiday year after year. And that your life has to be adapted to the never ending booms and sounds of explosions that come out of the night not just on the Fourth of July but for days and months before and after.

We hope to make the sale of consumer fireworks illegal in Duarte soon, and with the passing of Measure F on November 16th, it will happen. In the meantime, we would like to donate funds to help serve the veterans in Duarte.

Help us say ‘Thank You’ and ‘We’re Sorry’ to the Duarte War Veterans who have to endure PTSD each year from the war zone of fireworks that happens each Fourth of July. Please donate $1 or more to our GoFundMe account here.


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